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Arthur Mackenzy in Dubai


Our Establishment in the Middle East: Dubai since 2004 was motivated by the robust development of the city as a world leading destination in many respects including commerce, tourism as well as sports and culture. These developments have in turn fueled the demand for both commercial and residential properties. As leaders in the Dubai property market, we have provided a platform for investment in villas, condominiums, apartments, offices among other real estate options.

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Vision, Mission & Values

We are a professional property development, valuation, management and marketing company with years of experience dealing with a variety of properties in the market. Ever since our establishment in Michigan, United States more than two decades ago, we have been continuously exploring property investment opportunities worldwide which give our clients and partners unparalleled returns and value for their money.


about AMG

Arthur Mackenzy Property Group is a successful property investment and management company that has created tremendous value over time for its clients. We have achieved this through the dedicated output of our professional team of property experts who have given their tivme, effort and solid investment experience to ensure every investment grows in value to the benefit of our customers. One of the areas we have invested in that guarantees investors a handsome return on their investment irrespective of the property invested in is Michigan, USA.

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Meet Our Team


Shaher Mousli

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Shaher Mousli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group, has been the driving force behind the organization’s ambition and resulting growth since its inception. Upon completion of his academics, Mousliestablished Arthur Mackenzy in Houston, Texas and then moved its nerve center to Detroit, Michigan. The company extended its interest into UAE real estate with the advent of Freehold in Dubai, which is when Mousli decided to move the Group’s HQ to the UAE. The US office still runs on course now as a regional base for the company’s North American operations, projects and clients.

Under Shaher Mousli’s visionary leadership, what began as Arthur Mackenzy Real Estate in USA, stands today as a multi-disciplinary real estate group with independent organizations and profit centers under the AMPG wing.

Mousli remains at the helm planning and execution of the company’s strategic direction and operations and employs his second-generation Real Estate pedigree to forge the dynamic progress of the group and all associated with it.


Mohannad Al-Shanableh

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Mohannad Al-Shanableh is a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in the real estate and investment markets, he successfully managed portfolios worth US$ 220 billion and oversaw responsibilities covering business development, acquisitions and marketing. Prior to assuming the role of a Vice President, Al-Shanableh served as the Director of Real Estate Investments.

With a proven track record of high-net-worth negotiations, he has been instrumental in reviving various dormant multi-million-dollar deals. Al-Shanableh has previously worked with some of the most prominent names in the real estate development business, both locally and internationally.

He is also an expert in resolving conflict and has been involved in the settlement of long standing negotiations involving multiple stakeholders. His versatile repertoire and a keen grasp of the market make him a sound advisor on current market trends and investments.

As the Director of Business Development, he has been awarded multiple times for achieving the feat of recording the highest gross annual sales in the company.

A family man to his core, Al-Shanableh enjoys sports and is a passionate marathon runner.

From planning to sales decisions, we have a single-minded vision - Your Interest.
Our Approach to follow a consultancy based approach based by our local and international experience.


Mohammed Fennane

Head Of Arthur Mackenzy Properties Group in Europe & Morocco

Awards and Recognitions

Our performance and dedication in delivering quality service in the real estate industry has not gone unnoticed. The string of awards and accolades are proof that we are indeed a world class enterprise in the provision of real estate services.


Among the top awards we have received include:

• A Certificate of Merit from the Investment & Capital Market Exchange

• A Certificate of Merit from the Emirates Vision Event Managements

• Appreciation Certificate from the Kuwait International Fair

• Three Awards of Excellence from the Management and Real Estate Academy