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4 Reasons why you need a luxurious pent suite in Dubai

Updated: Mar 9

The Paradise Hills offers stunning pent suites, named Heaven and Eternity, both accurate reflections of their aura. Within both homes, and our townhouses, you will experience true luxury at its finest, along with comfort, and the radiating serenity of the community.

1) The massive space

It goes without saying, in your very own pent suite, space will be of no issue. In our vast open villas, you will be experiencing eternal serenity, right within the comfort of your own luxurious home. In your pent suite, you will be amazed by the striking balance of luxury and comfort, all within a vast space. Be it you opt for our Heaven or Eternity pent suites; you will never be short of luxurious space that you can customize and enhance to our own liking and comfort.

2) The harmonious community

Here at Paradise Hills, we are notorious for our consistency, our high-quality design extends beyond your home and onto the community you are nested within. With state-of-the-art landscaping and urban planning surrounding you, you will be left with ease as you navigate our contemporary and tranquil estate.

3) Can't forget... the exquisite luxury

When you choose Paradise Hills to be your next home, not only are you choosing a home, but rather one that is luxurious, contemporary, and elegant. Our state-of-the-art design is made with only one thing in mind, you. And that's why we have optimized the luxurious aura of the villas and created a space that is not short of comfort, serenity, and certainly not short of unimaginable luxury.

4) Holistic experience

In addition to our fascinating harmonious community, the Hills offers its very own clubhouse, made especially to cater for your social and recreational needs. The clubhouse offers a multitude of activities including a resort-style swimming pool, retails shops, and a recreational center with an abundance of fitness equipment. Not only do we want you to be at ease, but we created the space for you to rejuvenate and recharge whenever you need.

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